The Reviews Are In!


Your Media Map gives you the inside scoop on how to get publicity — and past participants are already reaping the rewards!

I was a complete novice in media relations before Your Media Map, but I’m now very comfortable with pitching the media. I just had my first big win with a quote and link from!– Pat Romain, owner of Technical Support Service Company


Your Media Map is candid and almost conspiratorial (like Brigitte’s letting us into the PR world through the back door).– Alison Gresik, author and creativity coach


My only experience reaching out to the media before this course was sending press releases to my local newspapers — and they weren’t picked up. I hoped to conquer my fear and make a fresh approach. I got that, and so much more, including my first “Day in the Life” feature.– Grace Quantock, founder of Healing Boxes


Now that I’ve sent off my first pitch, there’s nothing stopping me from incorporating press outreach into my monthly calendar.  The fear is gone!  Thank you, Brigitte!– Adriana Willsie, fresh art and custom portraits


I was inspired after the course to contact Peppermint Magazine, an eco fashion magazine here in Australia, and they published a set of my recycled sterling silver wedding bands in the next issue!– Jess Van Den, founder of Epheriell Designs


Before Your Media Map, the press felt like uncharted territory, but Brigitte made it feel easy! The course helped me understand I can actually be a helpful and welcome source for a reporter.– Ana Ramos, illustrator and creator of Abbrigate*


Having a dedicated course on working with the media came at the perfect time for me and definitely helped me to stay focused on my goal. I now have zero excuse not to pitch a dozen morning news shows!– Hilary Rushford, Dean Street Society


Working with Brigitte

What’s it like to work with me? I’d rather you heard it direct from my clients.

Thank god I have Brigitte’s brain on speed dial. When I need an angle for idea or talking points for an interview, she always delivers. Brigitte is equally tuned in to the media, entrepreneurs and consumers, making her the ultimate one-two-three punch for public relations.– Tara Gentile, business strategist and author of The Art of Growth


I wanted to learn how to pitch my rain boots to magazines and bloggers in order to get some media attention. Brigitte delivered a brilliant master plan to me. My rain boots have already been included in a Daily Candy Atlanta round-up.– Jessica Swift, artist and surface pattern designer


Brigitte helped me to launch a new website and provided me with all the tools necessary to make that launch an incredible success. As part of the launch, Brigitte guided me on how to effectively contact online media sources to write guest posts for them. My work has now been featured on When I Grow Up Coach, The Levo League and most recently, Design*Sponge.– Sarah Stevenson, founder of the Create Explore Discover Art Retreat

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