Two Ways to Work With Us in 2014

After 3 months of dropping hints that things are a-changing around here, I finally feel ready to share what we’ve been working on.

Let’s start with the biggest change.

Bringing Maggie on board was just the first step in transitioning my PR practice from consulting and training to an agency that offers full-service public relations services.

In 2014, we’re working with a small number of 1:1 clients. For the first time, you can hire Maggie and me to create and run a media outreach program for you.

This option is ideal if you are ready to outsource your outreach. We can help you leverage the media to reach thousands, if not millions, to support your launch goals, build your email list, support a lucrative speaking career or get publicity for your book.

Maggie and I will join your team to conduct market research, analyze your brand positioning, create your story angles, do the media outreach that’s going to take your business to the next level, and help you keep your content consistent with the media strategy.

We’ve started working with a handful of clients, and we’re now booking for April 2014. If you’re interested in bringing us on to manage your media outreach, please email Maggie directly.

Maggie will respond with some questions to help us better understand your goals and timeline, and she’ll work with you to schedule a 30 minute phone consultation to get to know you — and determine if our services are a good match for your business objectives this year and next.

Because it’s really common for people to reach out to me far too late (if you’re launching next week, or even next month, we can’t help you with media), I want to talk timelines before moving on to the second way you can work with us in 2014.

If you’re considering hiring us, it’s important to plan far in advance of when you actually want your media coverage to run. If magazines are on your wish list, we recommend you contact us 6-9 months before you’d want the story to run. If magazines aren’t your jam, you’re safe reaching out 3-4 months in advance of when you want the coverage to run.

If you’re not sure when you should contact us, email Maggie, and she’ll happily recommend a timeline that lines up with your goals.

Hiring the agency to do your PR, start to finish, is one way to work with us in 2014. It’s also important to me that we continue offering resources and training for individuals and organizations who prefer to do their own PR and media outreach. And with Maggie on board, I have the resources to give more support to the community than ever before.

In light of this . . .

We’re evolving Your Media Map into an intimate mentoring program offered through our new agency. 

The mentoring program combines direct support and feedback with my tried-and-true lessons on:

  • How the media works, so you can approach a journalist with confidence.
  • A framework for goal setting and measurement, so you can tie your media outreach back to your objectives for the year (like generating income, building your email list, and launching a lucrative speaking career).
  • Our formula for generating story ideas that get you media coverage.
  • A template for writing emails journalists love to open.
  • The keys to interviewing with confidence.
  • Our simple system for incorporating media outreach into your workflow and tips on which parts of the process you can delegate!

Starting on February 24th, we take you through 6 weeks of guided training and live coaching, provide direct feedback on your weekly exercises and then provide an additional three months of implementation support as you launch your media campaign.

The mentoring program is for up-and-coming innovators, tastemakers and entrepreneurs who are ready to build a bigger platform, now.

Space is limited — we’re only opening up 15 spots for enrollment. If this program sounds like the perfect next move for your business, sign up here to get on the early bird list (registration opens so soon!).

The mentoring program and hiring us to manage your PR and publicity efforts are the two primary ways we’ll be working with you in 2014.

Overall, our agency is continuing in the spirit of Unfettered Ink — which is to help more voices get their messages heard. We’ll continue offering free guides and resources like the no-fuss system for media planning, and Maggie’s excellent checklist for celebrating your press success. And we do  intend to continue offering laser-focused workshops like the Holiday Gift Guide Bootcamp, which are ideal if you have a specific kind of media outreach in mind.

But it’s a thrill for me to be moving into a space where we can work more intensively with a few select clients and really give our mentees the best of what we’ve learned in a combined 15 years in the business.

I hope we’ll get to work with you this year, as well!