Whether your top priority is getting your company in front of more of the right people, or you have a mission you’re incredibly passionate about supporting in the world, Podcast Ally can help you take the reins and make the connections you need to take your business to the next level.

My team specializes in helping CEOs of businesses of all sizes connect with the influencers and audiences that matter most to your mission and your bottom line.

Our services are very specific, and decidedly not for everyone. We don’t do “spray and pray” media relations, and we don’t work with all types of media.

Our quality over quantity approach works best for company leaders who:

  • Want to have meaningful conversations about your work, without watering it down too much for the press
  • Wish there were a more efficient way to network with the other influencers in your field than traveling to conferences or setting up a lot of coffee dates (even if they’re just over Skype, they’re a drag on your time)
  • Understand the value of making an investment in brand awareness and name recognition, even when it’s sometimes hard to measure
  • And, at the same time, you’d love to have your PR program support your sales efforts

How do we manage to accomplish all these objectives with a PR program?

It’s deceptively simple. We focus our outreach on podcasts.

We made the transition from working with more traditional business and consumer press to podcasts in early 2017 in response to the results we saw podcasts bring our clients.

The companies we work with are interested in growing their thought leadership and brand recognition, because they have experienced that when they have the space to share their work and expertise, people sit up and take notice.

Podcasts are the ideal venue for this kind of work, because they offer you an unparalleled opportunity to have these conversations at scale. When you’re interviewed on a podcast, you’re having a one-on-one conversation about your work and ideas, on a platform that is delivered and consumed by podcasts.

Eighty percent of podcast listeners tune in for all or most of an episode, which is an engagement rate that other kinds of media cannot match.

The podcast platform is especially well-suited to companies with outstanding close rates.

While I could never guarantee this kind of outcome (that would be highly unethical of me), many of our clients report signing at least one high-end client as a result of their podcast interviews — sometimes with the podcaster that’s just interviewed them! The very strengths that drive your sales process are what make you an ideal candidate for podcast interviews.

And this is just the tip of the iceberg.

My team and I are here to support you as you step into the spotlight, whether you’d love for us to completely take podcast outreach and follow-through off your hands, or if you’re a scrappy hands-on business owner looking for top-tier training that helps you avoid painful mistakes.

If fully outsourcing your podcast outreach to our team sounds like a dream, click here to learn more about Podcast Ally.


“I’m the co-host of Creative Empire, which is a podcast with an interview style format. When Brigitte pitched her clients to me, it was the best pitch I’ve ever gotten. I said yes to her clients — she had done the work to give us great topics and it was an easy yes. Then I turned around and begged her to work with me!”
– Christina Scalera, The Contract Shop