Trade Show Publicity Secrets

Trade Show Publicity Secrets

Trade Show Publicity Secrets helps you get more out of your trade show experience.

Chances are you’re investing thousands of dollars and countless hours preparing for and attending trade shows.

You’re putting together creative displays to showcase your most popular products, and you’ve developed a new line or colorway to keep your longstanding stores interested.

Your booth design is an extension of your brand, and you have a stack of order forms and line sheets at the ready.

All this preparation pays off when you connect with buyers, who provide you with a stable source of income and bring your work to more customers than you could reach alone.

If you’re exhibiting at trade shows this year and not reaching out to the press, you’re missing out on the fastest-and-easiest way to get your product in magazines.


I always make a point to connect with magazine editors when I exhibit at trade shows, and last year, I asked Brigitte’s team for their help preparing for NY Now. Even though I’ve done trade show PR before, they shared tips I hadn’t considered, and I felt confident going into the show.

But, nothing prepared me for how it would feel when one of the contacts I made at the show led to a feature in Elle Decor magazine!

When the issue arrived in the mail, I was practically shaking. It’s also given me a huge feeling of validation. I’m trained as a metalsmith, and even though I’ve always loved textiles and painting, there is something really nerve racking about branching out into this new design area. To have my first textile collection featured in a major magazine is a huge confidence booster!

If you’re doing a show this year, you’ve got to get this guide!

— Megan Auman, designer + metalsmith

With just a little planning, you can leverage your investment in exhibiting at a trade show into getting massive PR.

In fact, many of the steps you’re already taking — like connecting with important buyers before the show, creating branded materials to hand out, and following up with leads after the show — are exactly the tools you need to get trade show PR.

Wholesale trade shows offer artists, makers and designers a unique PR opportunity, because magazine editors WANT to meet with you.

Brigitte Lyons with a magazine

I’m Brigitte Lyons, and I’ll be your guide through Trade Show Publicity Secrets.

In this guide, I’ve shared tips and tricks I’ve picked up on both sides of the aisle — as a PR rep helping  hospitality brands and designers get their products in from of editors at trade shows and as a communications director with direct responsibility for making sure exhibitors and the press got what they needed out of my organization’s annual summit.

In 10 years working in the business, I’ve learned that trade shows are a godsend to busy magazine editors who need to source new products to keep their readers interested. While it’s true that magazines use trade shows as an opportunity to check in with their favorite brands, just like buyers renew orders with their long-standing suppliers, editors are also tasked with finding new products their readers will love.

Trade Show Publicity Secrets takes away the guesswork in making an impression on editors before, during and after the show!

When you buy Trade Show Publicity Secrets you get:

  • My complete system for connecting with editors before, during and after your next trade show in two audio trainings — the complete guide and a quickstart version you can use if your trade show starts tomorrow!
  • Email  copy  you can use to set up meet-and-greets with the media and bloggers at the show.
  • A phone script you can use to contact editors from the trade show floor, just in case you didn’t get all your emails out beforehand.
  • My checklist for creating a press kit an editor can use to feature your product.
  • Tips for dazzling an editor during your meet-and-greet.
  • Email templates that make for powerful follow-up after the show.
  • A complete checklist to make sure you don’t miss a single step!

Together, these tools take your trade show publicity efforts from wishful thinking to a proven formula for success.

Wynne McCormick

Trade Show Publicity Secrets saved me from some SERIOUS surprises and missed opportunities. I can now see myself constructing a real media strategy going into my first show. I feel so empowered.

— Wynne McCormick, Project Eight Point

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Frequently Asked Questions

How far in advance should I start working on my trade show PR efforts?

Assuming you already have stand-out product photography, I recommend you start working through this system 15-30 days before your next trade show. This timeline gives you more than enough time to prepare materials and connect with the press before you even leave for the show.

However, we know media outreach isn’t at the top of your to do list, especially during a particularly busy trade show season. That’s why we included a Quickstart Guide and time saving tips to help you have your best show yet — even if it’s starting tomorrow!

Who is this system for?

Trade Show Publicity Secrets is a system any trade show exhibitor can use for trade show PR. That said, this guide was created specifically with creative types (artists, makers, crafters, stationers and designers) in mind.

Do I need any special software to access your system?

Absolutely not! In fact, I developed this system as an audio guide, because I know  many makers prefer to have their hands free while taking in new material. All the material is delivered in a PDF, including links to listen to the audio guides, which are shared in MP3 format.

What happens after I buy?

Once you submit your payment, you’ll be emailed a link where you can download the materials.


Photo credit: Cozy Cuff by Megan Auman