Today’s the Last Day to Register

Today is the last day to register for Your Media Map.

Instead of extolling the benefits of the program (and there are multitude), I want to share something.

I belong to a lot of private Facebook groups. This is pretty rad, because I get to engage in thoughtful conversations around touchy topics like promoting your work and handling tough client situations. Yesterday, one of these conversations got me thinking about the word “never.”

I deeply mistrust people who say “You should never ….” or “Always do …”

Whenever I hear definitive, declarative statements, I know we’re dealing with someone who’s sacrificing strategy at the altar of trendy. Someone who doles out one-size-fits-all formulas, even though you and I both know our top asset as indiepreneurs lurks within our quirks.

I won’t be giving you a bunch of “never do this” and “always do that” formulas in Your Media Map.

What I will do, though, is guide you through the process of deciding which media will help you reach more customers, so you can grow your business.

I will lead you safely around landmines like:

  • How in the heck do I even get started working with the media?
  • Why would xyz magazine want to feature me?
  • How do I pitch myself as an expert without feeling like an egotistical jerk?

I’ll even give you templates, but not until we’ve discussed how you can use media outreach to support your business model.

By the end of Your Media Map, you’ll be set up to pitch your story to the media, but even more importantly, you’ll gain a system for evaluating the good opportunities from the time vampires. We’re going to be working smarter, not harder, in the program.

Join Pat, who was quoted on, and Jess, who’s jewelry was featured in Australia’s Peppermint magazine, and our resident PR rockstar Grace (seriously, it feels like Grace gets covered by the media every week!) as an Your Media Map alum that leverages the media to grow your business, your expert status, and your bank account.

Are you ready to step out as a leader in your field?

Let’s create your big break.