Ditch Your Fear of Networking with Megan Auman


Have you ever noticed how fleeting your sense of connection can be after you receive a particularly exciting Tweet or comment?

You’re not alone.

When Facebook reminds you to wish friends and clients a happy birthday and Instagram gives you the chance to coo over their kitties and kids, it’s easier than ever to form new bonds and keep up with our networks.

But even as social media has expanded our communities across time zones and borders, it’s also led to the cultivation of “friendlies” — people a step above acquaintances but not quite rising to your trusted friends and colleagues.

If you want to grow your support systems and cultivate loyal customers, you’ve got to leave your laptop behind, stash your smart phone deep in your bag, and spend some time meeting people in the flesh.

In a FREE training, Brigitte Lyons and Megan Auman share how you can ditch your fear of networking once and for all, freeing you to make the connections that will take your business to the next level.

You’ll hear:

  • Why you might want to consider attending a conference or trade show.
  • How to set other people at ease, no matter where you are.
  • Simple steps you can take to connect with the right people in your local community.

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 About your hosts:

Megan and Brigitte first met online, but only became friends and trusted collaborators swapping stories and talking shop (we can’t help ourselves!) over brunch in New York City.

Megan Auman is a designer, maker, educator, and entrepreneur who has built a multi-faceted business around her passion for great design and sustainable business. Her eponymous jewelry line is sold in stores across the US and online. In 2009, Megan founded Designing an MBA to help designers and makers develop their business skills.

Brigitte Lyons is a media strategist for microbusiness. She empowers creative visionaries to liberate their messages without compromising their ideals.