Your 11 Step Checklist for Promoting Press Success

Is there a system I could follow to promote my media successes with the audience I already have, specifically: Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest and my Enews list?

I’d also love a plan for publicity I’ve gotten in the past. Instead of feeling embarrassed that it’s been 8 (or 10 or 15 … or 20) years since I got that press, how can I reintroduce it to all the people who either never saw it or have forgotten about it?

–Deborah Henson-Conant,

First, congratulations on your press success! Public relations isn’t just about the one-time media hit. It’s also about building credibility with outside audiences and those you already have. The right plan for sharing media success energizes your current audience and woos new visitors to your website…with ripple effects lasting long after the initial story is forgotten.

I’ve written a checklist for you on how to promote each media win.

Ideally, your promotion should start at the time of your interview.

1. Ask permission to pre-promote the story. When you sit down with the producer or wrap an interview with a reporter or blogger, casually ask if you can let your online channels know about the interview and when the story will run.

2. Take photos. If her answer is yes, whip out your camera phone and get some shots behind-the-scenes of your media opportunity. The best photos will include you and a camera or recognizable talent interviewing you.

3. Share pictures or anecdotes on social media. Pick one photo for Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Pinterest. Tease your story with something like, “Check out these photos from my interview with… I discuss… To hear more, tune in …” or “Just wrapped an interview with… for a piece on…!”

In the three days leading up to the story, check-in with the media outlet and your audiences.

4. Double check with your contact on the run date. A few days before your story is slated to run, verify the story is still on track with your media contact. An air or print date is never guaranteed. It’s best to check-in close to the date.

5. Send an email to your key stakeholders only. You don’t want to send a mass email out to your entire email list, only to watch as the story gets bumped because of breaking news or — horror of all horrors — the story is negative. Send an email to your inner circles ONLY. Give this key group the details, including what the story is about, what media outlet it’s with, and when they should look out for it.

6. Post reminders on your social media channels. Social media is more forgiving than email. If you’re confident about the story and run date, feel free to share on your social media channels days before and again the day of the story. Ask your tribe to tune in.

Your story’s public, and it looks great! What now?

7. Share on social media the same day it’s live. Social media is all about what’s happening now. You want to be one of the first people to share the story and interacting with others who are doing the same.

8. Email your list within a week. It’s finally time to share your story with your whole newsletter list and on your blog. Feel free to tout your press success. Take a screenshot of the story, run an excerpt and share the direct link. Also, provide your “insiders” extra value with a tidbit from your interview experience or an equally exciting surprise.

9. Add the media masthead to your website. The sooner you crop the publication logo and put it on your homepage and sales pages the better. Make sure you add hyperlinks that open a new window for visitors to view the story when they click on the image.

When people see a credible media masthead on your homepage, they trust you before they know  you . . . tweet it!

Fast forward several years to sharing old news with your current audience.

10. Bring back news highlights to celebrate milestones. Your business anniversary or the new year is the perfect time to tout old news. Message it as “Media highlights from 10 years of performance!” or “My top media wins from 2013.”

11. Use current trends to share retro reports. Another idea is to jump on the flashback Friday bandwagon. According to #tagdef, #flashbackfriday is “used by people to share a memory from last week, last month, or 15 years back. Mainly used on the popular iPhone app ‘instagram.’” Use the hashtag to inspire a Friday series across all your social media platforms that highlight those big press wins.

Your tribe wants to celebrate successes with you! You may not want to brag about your accomplishments, but being too modest is a huge mistake. When you land major media you get instant credibility with outsiders and a boost of trust from your current circles. Plus, touting media coverage can lead to all kinds of opportunities like landing that client, customer or collaborator you’ve been aspiring to.