How Megan Roop Got Two Guest Posts on MindBodyGreen in Her 1st Month of Blogging

When I started working with 10ThousandFeet alum Megan Roop, she wanted to get her message out, but she first needed to launch her website and solidify her business model. To say that she had other pressing priorities is an understatement. But Megan knew she had to drive traffic to her new site if she wanted her business not only to survive — but to thrive.

Instead of putting outreach on the back-burner, Megan dove right in using the Content Remix method. Just three weeks after we identified some story options, Megan’s very first guest post went up on MindBodyGreen.

Megan Roop on MindBodyGreen

Megan’s story is remarkable not only because she quickly landed not one, but two, guest posts on a site that gets 4.2 million unique visitors each month.

What’s truly amazing about Megan’s story is that she’d only published her first blog post the month before.

I invited Megan to join us today to talk about her experience with MindBodyGreen, so you can learn from — and replicate — her success!

Brigitte: Congratulations on placing not one, but two articles in MindBodyGreen. How did it feel when they accepted your first piece?

Megan RoopMegan: It felt amazing! I was really excited to land two guests posts within a few weeks of launching my site. In all honesty, I was pretty surprised too. I always held the belief that you couldn’t guest post until you were established with a huge list, which is not the case at all!

It also was an uplifting experience to be supporting total strangers in a meaningful way through my writing.

Brigitte: What was the response from your community?

Megan: The response was appreciative. I received a lot of personal messages thanking me for sharing simple, practical advice on how to deal with stress in a different way. I also received a lot of support and congratulations from friends and peers, which meant a lot.

Brigitte: That is so good to hear! One of the big reasons people do guest posts is for traffic, but you never know which sites will send new visitors your way until you test it out. Did you see a spike of traffic after your contributions went live on the site? Were there other results that you saw?

Megan: Most definitely. I received a spike in traffic and new email subscribers, as well as an increase in followers throughout social media. One of my intentions for guest posting was to find the people who need me most and this supported that. I’m really excited to be sharing my message and teachings with people who may not have found me otherwise.

Brigitte: I helped you brainstorm post ideas, but ultimately you pitched MindBodyGreen on your own. Can you share how that went and what you learned?

Megan: Yes, thanks so much for your help, Brigitte! You’ve helped me to feel so much more confident and comfortable with the world of outreach. Because of this, the process went really well. I think the biggest thing I learned is to get to the point and provide value. People are busy, especially in media.

Brigitte: True that! Do you have any advice for other business owners who would like to start guest posting on sites like MindBodyGreen?

Megan: Start now! If you have a message to share don’t put outreach on the back-burner. There are people out there who want and need to hear what you have to say. Also, be of service. I often hear people’s intentions for guest posting to only be around driving traffic and using it as a milestone for success. We’re here to help people and make the world a little better along the way, don’t forget to make it about your reader and the community.

Brigitte: What’s next on your radar? Will you keep writing for the site?

Megan: I’ll absolutely continue writing for Mind Body Green. It’s a wonderful community to be part of; both the readers and editing staff have been wonderful to work with. On my radar? My dream is for a personal essay from my upcoming eBook to land in O Magazine or Yoga Journal. I’d also really love to write a guest post for Darling Magazine, Tiny Buddha or Positively Positive.

Brigitte: Those are great goals! We can’t wait to see where you land next!

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