Live training with Tara Gentile!

UPDATE: In recognition of Hurricane Sandy, and all the members of our community bailing water from their basements, waiting for the power to come on, and clearing trees and debris from their property, we’ve rescheduled the call for Monday, November 12th.

A few weeks ago, I was absolutely shocked to meet people in the creative community that don’t know Tara Gentile.

My own history with Tara stretches back 2 years, when I was still writing a design-focused blog called Covet Chicago.

I clearly remember how the green monster surfaced when I stumbled upon her site. She was out there saying everything I thought, and I didn’t yet understand that what the world needs is more people raising their voices in concert — not for people to hold back, because “she’s doing it already.”

I kept these thoughts to myself, though, guest posting for Tara twice. I’ve never been so relieved about keeping my mouth shut and my envy in check, because now we’re friends. We finally met in person at the inaugural World Domination Summit, where we bonded over our shared sense of humor.

Tara and I aren’t the kind of friends that talk every day, or even every week. But our relationship, in addition to being genuine and quite fun, lets me jam with one of the most savvy — and generous — thinkers in the new economy.

Which is why I’m absolutely thrilled Tara has agreed to being my guest in a live call on Tuesday, because now you can join us in one of our chats.

You can expect lots of laughter, because that’s how we roll, and also crazy smart insight. We’re focusing the conversation on how to find your sweet spot.

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