Brigitte Lyons with a magazine

Now that I’m running my own PR agency, it’s shocking to recall all the missteps I made early in my career.

I copied-and-pasted press releases into the emails I sent to hundreds of journalists at once — often without even addressing them by name!

I didn’t take the time to read, watch or listen to the media I was reaching out to. One time, I made the mistake of calling a radio producer during his show. Can you imagine my shock and horror when he answered (I caught him during a commercial break) and proceeded to chew me out before hanging up and getting back to the broadcast?

I stumbled through my early years, racking up as many mistakes as wins. Unfortunately, this is all-too-common in the PR industry, where it’s standard practice to assign media outreach to untrained, under-supervised interns . . . and a clear example of how B breaks normal.

This is the reason why I write so freely about how to do PR.

There is a process for doing PR that works — and you don’t have to stumble through the learning curve like I did.

Pro Secrets for Getting Free Publicity is a video series where I answer some of the most common question about how to do media relations, so you can pitch your stories with confidence.