How a Fitness Entrepreneur Leveraged PR to Build His Business

When I counsel an entrepreneur or wellness professional to go after their own PR, I encounter a lot of resistance.

A lot of people would rather save up to have me do their PR (and wait) then get started with their own program.

This is a real shame, because it often makes more sense to keep PR in-house than to outsource it, and you can also grow faster if you’re making media part of your promo plan from the start.

There is absolutely no reason to hold yourself back or to wait until you’re already well-known to get PR.

So that’s why I’m beyond thrilled to share DaKari (Doc) Williams’ story with you.

Doc  first approached me last year to let me know my CreativeLive class completely changed his business (his words, not mine). He went on to tell me a remarkable story of how he turned his business around using PR as a catalyst that created one success after another.

Today, Doc is a paid contributor to, writes for Breaking Muscle and has leveraged his heightened name recognition into a branding agency for athletes.

Doc Williams interviews for Sweat RX

Doc Williams on location for Sweat RX magazine

And this is just the tip of the iceberg — click here to get the full story.

I’m not gonna lie. I teared up a little when Doc first shared his story. In no way am I trying to take credit for his success — it was all his work, his effort — but it feels amazing to know my teaching gave him tools he could use to such effect.

I’m sharing this with you today, because I want you to know:
If you’ve put off PR for “some day”…
If you’re feeling stuck…
If you don’t feel like the status quo is working…

Let Doc’s story inspire you to try another way.