How a Fitness Entrepreneur Leveraged PR to Build His Business

When I counsel an entrepreneur or wellness professional to go after their own PR, I encounter a lot of resistance.

A lot of people would rather save up to have me do their PR (and wait) then get started with their own program.

This is a real shame, because it often makes more sense to keep PR in-house than to outsource it, and you can also grow faster if you’re making media part of your promo plan from the start.

There is absolutely no reason to hold yourself back or to wait until you’re already well-known to get PR.

So that’s why I’m beyond thrilled to share DaKari (Doc) Williams’ story with you.

Is It Legal to Use Media Logos on Your Website?

You can hardly load a web page without seeing media logos. After all, “As Seen In” or “Featured In” graphics can infuse your business with credibility and go a long way to earning the trust of a potential new customer.

But is it actually legal to put media logos on your website?

We recommend that our clients use media logos on their home, about and product pages, and we wanted to be sure. So we invited our whip-smart attorney Elizabeth Potts Weinsten to weigh in on the subject.

Read on to get her perspective on the issues that come into play when you choose to add media logos to your website, as well as her top tips for staying on the right side of the law.

How Megan Roop Got Two Guest Posts on MindBodyGreen in Her 1st Month of Blogging

Megan Roop on MindBodyGreen

Find out how one coach secured two guest posts on a site that gets 4.2 million unique visitors each month — within a month of launching her website!