The Blank Page

Letters 1
Lately, when I think of blank pages, my mind goes to this blog. But, for the past month, the blankest page hasn’t been an unwritten post, it’s proven to be an unwritten letter.

You see…I’ve been grappling with a personal…I don’t know what the correct word is. Situation? Issue?


I don’t want to get into it here, but one of my family relationships has been less than.

I am very, very committed to my relationships. And, for the past year I’ve been thinking about how to show that to the people in my life. Because that’s what I do. I’m a thinker. And a fretter. And a worrier.

I’m also a follower of the 7 habits. So I know I need to put first things first. You know, do something.

But since I’m a thinker, not a do-er, it took me a month to do something.

That time was actually well spent. Because I’ve been able to put aside feelings of anger, hurt, indignation and regret in favor of…love and clarity. Sometimes time is necessary, not procrastination.

True to form, I wrote. A letter. But I’m not a letter-writer, so I’m not certain it’s a perfect letter.

I think that’s why we always start with the blank page.

Add two critical words.



And fill in the blanks.

Letters 2

I Want it All: Up in the Air Somewhere

I was rummaging through a stack of papers yesterday when I found the business card for Up in the Air Somewhere buried inside.  I’m relatively certain I picked it up at Renegade, but I could have grabbed their card at any of the art festivals over
the summer.

I am certainly glad I found the card tucked away, though. All of these stunners are going on my Christmas wish list (hint, hint to a certain reader).

drinkware Susan Dwyerfade vessel Susan Dwyersilo votives Susan Dwyerpaper bowls Susan Dwyer

Can you believe those last two bowls are papier-mâché?! The collection is courtesy of Chicago-based Susan Dwyer. According to her Web site, she’s influenced by the silos, warehouses and watertowers that dot the Chicago landscape. You can certainly see the inspiration in her pieces, and I love how she uses texture and subtle details to make simple silhouettes into such stunning vessels.

If I were a rich man…I would purchase the entire collection.

Handmade Beauty Products at Mojo Spa

I can’t believe I haven’t written about Mojo Spa yet. Perhaps because it really has nothing to do with home décor, but I can covet beauty products from time to time, right?

Although I wouldn’t exactly say I covet Mojo – I shop there all.the.time.  The owner is a former chef whose business was born out of the search for the perfect lip balm.  She creates all of the products sold in the shop, which is why you rarely see her if you go in.

But you do see George. That’s Amanda’s business partner, and he’s always working the desk. And he’s incredibly helpful and knowledgeable…and he gets along great with my hubby. So when we pop in during a stroll around the neighborhood, I know he won’t kill me for dragging him into a girlie mecca.

Let’s take a look at the products I cannot live without. For reals.

If you’re ever in Wicker Park, you can stop by for a Pajama Party (too fun) or a Beauty and Brunch. Amanda’s a former chef, and these events come loaded with baked goodness.

All images from Mojo Spa Web site.

** I am not writing this glowing post because I am occasionally given free manicures. Well, I guess I kind of am. But not directly. They don’t know I blog, so the very rare mani only serves to add to my wonderful experiences in the store.