Learn all about course creation from the woman who helped me rock Creative Live

I’ve been down-and-out with the flu for the past 3 weeks, which has given me a lot of time for reflection. I’ve been considering the past year — what went well and what I’d like to switch up.

And in the process, I realized that one of the absolute highlights of my year was teaching at CreativeLive.

Brigitte at Creative Live

Even though my class was back in February (I taught 3 actually!), I am always hearing from students, who are sharing the results they’ve achieved.

Whether it’s an email from Roxana Villa, whose perfume line was covered in Allure Magazine, or DaKari Williams, who told me that my course changed his career after he was able to get a gig writing for, CreativeLive was a transformational experience for many of the students I’ve heard from.

When I get emails sharing wins like these, what I realize is that I’m more motivated to help you achieve your own success through teaching and training than to do it all for you.

I’m going to be releasing an opportunity to train your team (even if it’s just you and a VA), so that you can get results like Roxana and DaKari without having to hire an expensive agency. But that’s not actually what this email is about!

You see, Creative Live wasn’t just an amazing experience — it was a crazy time!

If you’ve taken any of my classes, you probably can’t tell that the entire experience was a whirlwind. With the support of my amazing producer, Bryan Lemos, everything went off without a hitch.

But the truth is that I was approached about doing a class in November, signed the contract in December and immediately started putting together content to teach 3 programs in the beginning of February.

All of this on top of my active client load!

It was insane!

By mid-January, I was really worrying about my classes. I wasn’t sure how to balance the fact that you have a live studio audience right in front of you, but you’re really teaching for all the thousands of people who will watch the videos later.

It felt like this weird hybrid, and I didn’t know how to make both audiences feel a connection to me and to the content.

This is when I decided I needed to get an outside opinion. It was time to bring in the big guns.

In this case, I’m referring to Breanne Dyck.

You might not know Breanne, but she’s become one of the most highly regarded business and learning strategists in the online marketplace. She’s one of those people the “big names” go to behind the scenes when they want to get their business and online courses to the next level.

I hired Breanne to go through my Creative Live presentation with a fine-tooth comb. Specifically, her task was to look for opportunities for me to draw the audience in and give them a feeling that they were making progress.

Small wins are so important in PR, because it can take months to see your outreach come to fruition.

Breanne was able to help me add in some new activities and restructure some of my lessons.

And the result…Well, here’s what Bryan, my producer, had to say about my teaching:

“I can’t say enough about Brigitte. She is just the type of speaker you want to book. Brigitte came to CreativeLive prepared above expectations, tailored her information directly to our audience, and was upbeat and engaging through it all. Our audience was buzzing regarding her content and talent.”

I wanted to tell you about this today, because Breanne just released her new book, Beyond Satisfaction.

The book is all about crafting a highly profitable online course, program or workshop without having to settle for less-than-transformational results. It’s full of case studies and research that helps you create a course that truly gets results.

And for a limited time, you can get a copy free on Amazon.

If you’ve struggled to put together a course, workshop or online program, I can’t recommend Breanne’s work more highly.

Grab your copy right here — it won’t be free forever!

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