As a fan of Being Boss, you know firsthand how a great podcaster can feel like a good friend, a business advisor and your #1 advocate all wrapped into one.

That’s what makes being interviewed on a podcast so powerful for small businesses like ours.

I’ve been doing PR for 15 years, working with major outlets like CNN, Bloomberg, Today, Refinery29, and I can tell you with confidence — no other audience is as engaged and receptive to your message as a podcast audience.

So let me ask you…

Are you ready to start booking podcast interviews for your own business?

As a thank you for listening to my interview with Being Boss, I want to share with you an exercise out of my program, Get Booked on Podcasts, that will help you start booking podcast interviews.

Get Booked on Podcasts is my agency’s top training program — we created it for small business owners who aren’t in a position to hire our agency to manage their podcast interviews for them. In this program, I break down my agency’s entire booking process, from A-to-Z.

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The piece I’m about to share is from the first module in the program — it’s a free writing exercise we use to help mentees come up with their interview questions.

I picked this exercise to share with you, because one of the top issues that comes up with just about everyone I work with is: “Why would a podcast want to interview ME?”

This is a question that keeps a lot of people stuck, because what you’re really asking is whether your ideas have value.

Let me be perfectly clear: Yes, you have something to offer podcasters.

The question is NOT whether your ideas or work are worthy of an interview. To put it frankly, this entire line of thought is a distraction that keeps you small.

The real question is, “What about my work is relevant to this podcast audience?”

This is a small reframe that makes all the difference in the world.

Instead of worrying about your worthiness, you can now pour that creative energy into doing a bit of brainstorming and research.

This free writing exercise is a starting point that have led to bookings on so many different podcasts — Creative Empire, Proof to Product, Entrepreneur on Fire, What Works. The list goes on-and-on!

No matter whether you’ve booked a dozen interviews or are just considering doing your first interview, these will help you.

Free Writing Exercise to Develop Podcast Interview Topics

Instructions: Grab a notebook, or copy these into a document, and record your answers. It doesn’t have to be pretty! Just get the ideas out. Then, let it rest for the day. Tomorrow, come back, and see if there’s anything in your answer that would make for a good interview. Could you speak on this one topic for 45 minutes?

  • If you are launching or releasing a product, book or program, is there an exercise or topic that you could elaborate on in an interview?
  • What are the biggest goals or challenges that drive your core audience to buy from you?
  • What are the top questions you get from clients or customers?
  • What bad advice, related to your work, is given to your audience through the media or by competitors?
  • What topics, related to your work, are you most passionate about?
  • What do you want to be known for?
  • What have been the top 3 lessons you’ve learned running your business?
  • Is there a particular work habit of creative process that you’ve integrated into your day? What are the benefits?
  • What was the biggest breakthrough you had in creating your product or business? Why does this matter for your audience?
  • How did you get into your current line of work? Why did you start your business?
  • Where do you get the inspiration for your work?

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