Go out into the world and do well. 

But more importantly, go out into the world and do good.

These were the words spoken by my college president, Minor Myers, at every commencement address.

As the founder of a boutique PR and digital marketing agency, they are my guiding light.

At B, we support individuals and organizations who are working to give voice to big ideas. While we work with clients across industries, a shared sense of greater purpose is the tie that binds our agency to our clients.

About Brigitte Lyons

I’m Brigitte Lyons, the founder of B.

Before founding the agency, I worked in public affairs, corporate PR and as the marketing director of a nonprofit trade association. I’ve had the privilege of working on major legislative and regulatory initiatives in Chicago, where I’m from, as well as on more traditional corporate PR programs.

Today, my agency works predominantly with small businesses and organizations — experts and thought leaders who are looking to hone their message and build a community around their work. Our speciality is positioning. We help you identify what’s most attractive about your work to the audience you’re trying to reach, identifying holes in the market that aren’t being served by your competitors. Then, we create an action plan that is custom to your goals and audience. Often these plans include PR, content marketing (blogging and email) and social media.

You can see more about our specific services on our consulting page.

I’ve been able to use my messages in some surprising ways! I was contacted by a media outlet in the travel industry, who wanted my take on the importance of having a website for online marketing. I was still finalizing on my messaging, but I used snippets from the research we’ve been doing to answer her Q’s. Result: The journalist told me that I was head-and-shoulders above all the other experts she interviewed, and asked if she could get in touch with me again in September to talk about how I could help her build her online presence! This is exactly the kind of result I was looking for! – Sophie Bujold, Cliqueworthy

If you want to get a taste for how we work, the free email series on How to Differentiate Your Brand in Any Market takes you step-by-step through our process. Signing up for this email series is by far the best way to understand our approach to PR.

About Our Clients

Many, if not all, of our clients have a nuanced, complex message to share, and come to us with a desire to balance both their desire to get their work into the broader market, while staying true to the depth of the work.

We’ve worked with clients in a variety of industries, including health and wellness, business services, and lifestyle brands. Some of our clients have included:

  • CEOs and founders of software and tech companies
  • Authors working on book launches (we do both traditional PR and fully integrated campaigns for book launches)
  • Speakers hoping to use PR to command higher fees
  • Doctors, yoga teachers, bodyworkers and other health and wellness professionals hoping to reach a bigger audience online

While we do much more now than just media outreach, I know you’re probably curious about the media we work with. You can see some of our media clips on Pinterest.

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