We help innovators, problem-solvers and social enterprises bring their message to millions.

We apply the discipline of design thinking (research, create, launch, evaluate) to the art of public relations. Our practice pulls from a passion for the ideas driving innovation in the social era and deep expertise working with corporations, government agencies and social enterprises.

The Team

Brigitte Lyons

Brigitte Lyons

A media strategist with a passion for storytelling.

Brigitte founded B after spending a decade working at traditional public relations agencies. Former editors inked up her copy, whip smart marketers challenged her creatively, and CEOs didn’t rest until their message was heard. At Jasculca Terman, Brigitte learned how a movement was organized from the ground-up, at Hill & Knowlton, she battled a governor and won, and at Arment Dietrich, she worked with top tier media like CNN and Bloomberg.

Now she is relentless about helping forward-thinking organizations and individuals move people with their ideas, and she is obsessed with bringing public relations into the social era—especially the values of co-creation and continuous innovation.

Maggie Hassler

Maggie Hassler

A seasoned publicist who whips up stories journalists can’t help but cover.

Maggie’s passion for driving headline news started in Hong Kong, at HSBC Asia Pacific, where she found herself ghostwriting for Time magazine and coordinating TV spots.

When she returned stateside, Maggie first worked at a PR agency (where she and Brigitte first worked together!) before transitioning to in-house departments. She built buzz for the launch of Aspire CoffeeWorks, a social enterprise helping people with disabilities and dove into deep waters at the top-attended aquarium in the country, Shedd Aquarium, naming a baby beluga whale. Maggie has worked with Oprah’s network, Today, the New York Times and the AP.

We’re united by a shared love for mission-driven organizations, thought-provoking news outlets like NPR and Wired (Brigitte forgives Maggie her weakness for the TODAY show) and work-a-holic tendencies.

And we’re problem solvers just like you.

The simple truth is that the media wants to share your message, and our job is connecting you with the newspapers, TV stations, bloggers and magazines your audience trusts most.

We’ve got the chops and the traditional experience, but we’re also not afraid to push forward the conventions of our industry.

We believe

Public relations is more than just media outreach and ego placements. Our job is to support your chief initiative — whether it’s bringing in more revenue, reaching a new customer base, growing your email list, hitting the speaker’s circuit or igniting a movement.

Being territorial over results is counter-productive. Our public relations campaigns are fully integrated with your brand positioning and ongoing marketing efforts.

Today’s media is interconnected. Journalists get ideas from bloggers, news is broken on Twitter, and your fans just might be super users on Pinterest. As a result, our campaigns are holistic.

Sending out a press release to hundreds of reporters has a name, and it’s called spam. We’re a high-touch agency. We don’t just send out a press release and call it a day — we work hard to uncover what a particular reporter or blogger wants and deliver exclusive content that hits all the right notes.

You should never be surprised by your monthly invoice, which is why we offer project pricing.

Want more?

We are generous with our expertise. Check out #ASKAPUBLICIST for insights into how you can use the media to turn your idea into a movement.

We work one-on-one with you and your team to polish your positioning and leverage your message. This frees up more time to do what you do best — deliver outstanding value to your customers.

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