You’ve seen the media launch other innovators, thought leaders and problem solvers into the spotlight. But you’re not sure exactly how they did it — or if it’s something you can do yourself.

You need someone to show you exactly how to get the media attention your ideas deserve, and you don’t want to wade through a lot of fluff.

We’re here to help you position your message, so the media can’t help but share your ideas with their audience.

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The Inside Guide is full of free trainings and resources to help you spread your story and build your business, including:

  • Spotlight Sessions LIVE: In two laser-focused coaching calls, I deliver proven PR strategies to leverage your message and free up more time to do what you do best — deliver outstanding value to your customers.

  • How to Get Your Voice Back with Tara Sophia Mohr: Leadership coach Playing Big creator Tara Sophia Mohr shares what happens when you’re the person in the room that says what no one else is talking about.

  • [RE]SET: How To Ditch Your Fear of Networking with Megan Auman: It’s time to leave the laptop behind, stash your smart phone and spend some time meeting people in the flesh. Designer, maker and educator Megan Auman shares the mindset change that will help you get more out of networking events.

  • Uncovering the Surprising Insights in Your Google Analytics Data with Liz Lockard: Marketing consultant and creator of Google Analytics: The Missing Manual, Liz Lockard, shares how Google Analytics reveals the answers to your most pressing marketing questions.

  •  How to Find Your Sweet Spot with Tara Gentile: How exactly do you generate more value, while doing less? In this training call with business strategist and founder of Kickstart Labs, Tara Gentile and I talked about how to find the sweet spot for your business.

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