Maggie Hassler and Brigitte Lyons of Unfettered Ink

Do you ever wonder why the same companies seem to get all the press?

It’s not because their products or ideas are better than yours.

It’s not that they’re smarter or savvier than you.

These companies hire people like us — professionals who make it their business to know how the media works.

We’re problem solvers just like you. The simple truth is that the right media wants to share your message, and our job is connecting you with the newspapers, TV stations, bloggers and magazines your audience trusts most.

Our mission is to help change-makers, innovators and problem solvers to get their share of the ink.

Brigitte Lyons is a media strategist with a passion for storytelling. Brigitte Lyons, media strategist and vision keeper for Unfettered Ink

I founded Unfettered Ink after a decade working at PR agencies on behalf of corporate clients. I got in the game, because I wanted to use my gift for strategy and passion for story-telling to do good. But, instead of championing causes I believed in, I found myself infiltrating public meetings.

Although my chosen career wasn’t what I expected, I’m grateful for those early experiences. I learned from some of the best in the business. Former editors inked up my copy, whip smart marketers challenged me creatively, and CEOs wouldn’t rest until their message was heard. At Jasculca Terman, I learned how a movement was organized from the ground-up, at Hill & Knowlton, I battled a governor and won, and at Arment Dietrich, I worked with top tier media like CNN and Bloomberg.

Now I have a laser-sharp talent for communications, which I get to devote to a group I care deeply about. Thought leaders, change-makers and problem solvers.
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Maggie Hassler is a seasoned publicist who whips up stories journalists can’t help but cover. Meet Maggie Hassler

Within the typhoon of creating news stories, controlling crises, ghostwriting for Time magazine and coordinating TV coverage, I discovered a passion I didn’t know I had. It began in Hong Kong at HSBC Asia Pacific, with a public affairs team of 13 people of nine nationalities with nine different first languages. Although I practiced my mandarin in that first job, it was really the language of communication I was learning to speak.

Since then, I’ve become fluent in public relations. I gained the tools of the trade at an agency stateside. I built buzz for the launch of Aspire CoffeeWorks, a social enterprise helping people with disabilities. I dove into deep waters at the top-attended aquarium in the country, Shedd Aquarium, naming a baby beluga whale. I’ve worked with Oprah’s network, Today, the New York Times and the AP.
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We’re putting our skills and knowledge to work in service to your message.

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Don’t Just Take Our Word For It . . .

Tara Gentile, Business Strategist Thank god I have Brigitte’s brain on speed dial.

When I need an angle for idea or talking points for an interview, she always delivers. Brigitte is equally tuned in to the media, entrepreneurs and consumers, making her the ultimate one-two-three punch for public relations.

– Tara Gentile, Business Strategist for the You Economy


Matt Linder RoundMaggie is head-and-shoulders above any other publicist I’ve worked with.

Maggie is a talented publicist with a knack for knowing what kinds of storylines resonate with audiences. She and I worked together on a feature story she researched, developed, and pitched to me based on previous stories that I had done. The fact that she took enough time and effort to not only learn more about what I was writing but also to develop a pitch tailored specifically towards our audience puts her above the rest. I would wholeheartedly recommend Maggie to any organization looking to improve upon their media outreach efforts.

– Matt Lindner, Reporter for Chicago Sun-Times and RedEye


Karyn Lisk, Future Purpose Coaching WOW just WOW!

I’m so impressed with your knowledge, energy and ability to get to the root of the problem and get it solved! I cannot thank you enough for the insights you have given me on how to get started in this PR maze!

– Karyn Lisk, Future Purpose Coaching


Anna Guest-Jelley The media aren’t this unknowable entity like I’d thought…

I hired Brigitte, because I was being approached by bigger and bigger media outlets, but I always felt like I was reacting, not like I could be proactive and tell the story I wanted to tell. I had a big ah-ha when I realized that I get to tell my story on my own terms. The media aren’t this unknowable entity like I’d thought, but rather people who love a clear story as much as anyone else. Once I knew that, it became much easier to approach the media. If anyone asked me if they should work with Brigitte or not, my answer would be YES!

– Anna Guest-Jelley, founder of Curvy Yoga


Liz Lockard, Marketing ConsultantBrigitte is a PR rockstar.

She gives laser-focused, actionable insights you can run with that only a true PR insider can give. I asked her one simple question about speaking not even sure if it fell under her PR umbrella of expertise and she responded with not one, not two but FIVE head-smackingly simple, awesome & powerful tips.

Brigitte will break-through your pre-conceived notions about how to do PR and give you insights that’ll give you real impact on your biz. There’s no one else I even think to turn to for PR counsel. If you’re a small biz, Brigitte’s your gal.

– Liz Lockard, Marketing Consulting


Jim Kales RoundMaggie built a foundation of PR for us, producing local and national headlines.

Maggie brings such energy and creativity to her public relations and marketing practice – she helped take our innovative nonprofit Aspire to a new level of visibility.

– Jim Kales, CEO of Apire & Aspire CoffeeWorks


I got a brilliant master plan.

I wanted to learn how to pitch my rain boots to magazines and bloggers in order to get some media attention. My rain boots were included in a Daily Candy Atlanta round-up, which stemmed directly from the plan that Brigitte created for me.

– Jessica Swift, artist and surface pattern designer


Brigitte helped me to launch a new website and provided me with all the tools necessary to make that launch an incredible success.

As part of the launch, Brigitte guided me on how to effectively contact online media sources to write guest posts for them. My work has now been featured on When I Grow Up Coach, The Levo League and Design*Sponge.

– Sarah Stevenson, founder of the Create Explore Discover Art Retreat


Jennifer Mosley RoundMaggie’s name kept coming up.

The audience development team at Chicago Sun-Times needed a social media training boost. From the minute my team contacted Maggie, she did an excellent job in finding our individual skill levels, tailoring her lessons to our needs and identifying key components in the newspaper field that strengthened our social media strategy. She left us with a useful guide that is still being used today. I highly recommend Maggie based on her work ethic, focus to detail and engagement.

– Jennifer Mosley, Director at Chicago Sun-Times


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*Photos of Brigitte and Maggie by Jeffrey Opp.